Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A knitting redo!

My mom brought some gloves with her that she found for 50 cents, in Florida. My guess is that gloves aren't in high demand over there! They were handmade and very cute in a mismash way, but they were a little bit short. She asked if I could make them longer. So, I added about two inches of length to them, then stitched a couple mismatched buttons on the wrists and a button so you could fold back the mitten portion when it isn't in use. Also props to the person that made these because while you can't see it in the picture...they made the thumb a hole so you can stick your thumb out when you need it for texting and such! They are still a total mismash pair of gloves, but much cuter and more wearable now! Great thrift store find turned into something useful!

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