Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy NaBloPoMo!

Today, November 1, marks the first day of NaBloPoMo...or National Blog Posting Month for those that are already confused. What it means is I am supposed to blog every day for the month of November and if I do I could win prizes. I've tried this every year for a couple years now. I have tried and I have always failed. While it seems I blog every day there are days when I don't and I cheat and post for that day later. So, this year I'm going to try not to cheat...we'll see how well that goes!

Last night for Halloween it was the usual. Four knocks on the door. So sad. I love seeing the kiddos in their costumes and there are just so few.

Yesterday I realized that I hadn't carved our pumpkins yet. I also didn't have any handy pumpkin carving utensils. Last year I was in the same situation and almost chopped of digits using my Wusthoff knives. So, I set out for a carving kit. Set out and failed. What I did find was a Mr. Potato Head pumpkin set...I had to have it. I got home and quickly carved two pumpkins, keeping it easy so all fingers would be in tact. Then, I popped together the Mr. Pumpkin Head and voila...instant pumpkin.Guess which one got all the attention last night? You got it, the one that I just popped the pieces in.

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Ginger said...

Hey, I popped over from NaBloPoMo (man I hate typing that out)...just checking the place out.

Oh, and I love your Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin!


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