Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grandma La La

Today my Mom arrived from Florida to visit Leyton. She hasn't seen him since he was a month old so it is certain that he will be in her arms as much as he will allow. When Grandma arrives it is not without gifts! She took a recent trip to Paris and while there picked out some excellent books for Leyton. Three of them are in French so hubby is going to do his best to remember how to read French from his high school days...that should be entertaining to say the least. Me, I'll stick with "Mr. Chicken Goes to Paris." The illustrations in this book are fantastic, it is sure to be a favorite!

My Mom also brought some amazing cars that belonged to her Dad. They are made of cast iron and are just about the coolest thing ever. I remember seeing these around the house growing up and I'm so glad she hung onto them. It's so funny to see what toys were like way back when and how different and safe they are now. I mean, a cast iron car?! It takes the term "Don't throw your toys" or "Don't hit your brother with that" to a whole new level!

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Amy (the b-line) said...

Love the French books! I think we need to take a trip to Paris, just to pick up a few for our little one. ;)


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