Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cause that's how I roll.....

Guess what is back?Woohooo....the bandaged up big toe. Yep, for the THIRD time I have had needles jammed into my big toe only to have nail ripped off. Oh...you may have thought that it was fixed the first time. Or maybe fixed the second time, you know when they put that ACID on my cuticle to prevent the nail from even growing back. Well my friends you were wrong. I mean, what is another winter season without Stacey walking around town in flip flops?! You know things have taken a bad turn when I start talking about myself in the third person.

All I'm saying is third time better be a mother fucking charm. Sorry Grandma.


Debbie said...

I know how much something like that sucks. Why can't the doc just get it right the first time? LOL. Well if your feet get cold in the flip flops, head over to sock city in old Sac. They have flip flop socks- they look like mittens for the feet, :-)

Carol Browne said...

Ouch. But on the plus side, your fish tattoo sure looks great.


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