Wednesday, October 06, 2010

X Marks The Tot

Way back in August, Leyton's cousin Carey bought him the cutest outfit. Since it's been so warm he hasn't been able to wear it. Now that the weather is cooling down I quickly put it on him this morning!

It's called a Tee-Suit by X Marks the Tot. Basically they take an adult t-shirt and transform into a baby outfit. Seriously the cutest thing ever. Not only do I love the shirt, but I love that the snaps are different colors to match the shirt.

Unfortunately, seeing how my son is Mr. Barf Face he proceeded to spit up immediately after being placed in the outfit and I had to wash it off so you get to see it with a wet mark. Oh well, he is a baby after all!

1 comment:

Gary's third pottery blog said...

GREAT tee, and wonderful baby smile :)


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