Friday, October 29, 2010

Table Runner

I wanted to do a slightly elegant/simplistic setting for Halloween for our dining room table. I also wanted to spend very little money and use as many materials as I already had on hand. So I started with a great skull tray that I got from Pottery Barn on clearance, a skull that I had on hand and two of my Halloween candle holders. I knew that I wanted a table runner. I thought about using some cheese cloth and trying to give it a rugged look. Then after I trip to the thrift store I thought it would be cool to use old linens, dye them black and stitch them together. I went with doilies because they kind of have that spider web look to them.

This was my first time dying anything and I can't say it the funnest project I've ever done. What was supposed to be black...turned out purple gray. I went with it anyway. Here is the finished product. I can't decide if I love it or hate it??

What do you say? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? I think maybe if it had come out black I would like it better. I was also hoping to find some glittery black candle sticks but so far those are a no go.

1 comment:

Psiconaut@ said...

Oh my gosh!!!
Did U do the carpet?
I mean, thats kinda big, real big.
Very nice, it reminds me the granma´s handcrafts.

See ya


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