Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well, I have the first sickie on my hands. I got the call from daycare yesterday that Leyton, well, had quite a few blow outs of the liquidy variety. He had the runs man! Now, I'm going to have to pay for therapy when he finds out I told everyone about the time he had diarrhea.

He also wasn't eating which was HUGE because this kids eats. I mean the first time a spoon went in his mouth with real food on it he hollered, "Listen woman, you are not fooling me. This is just watery rice cereal. If you want to feed me food you better make it thick. Get in the kitchen and make it thicker now woman!" Not eating is a sure sign that something is wrong. I mean really, I listened to this kid wail like a wild banshee for three days after he was born because he was just that hungry.

I took him to the doctor and it was determined he had a stomach flu. He was put on Pedialyte to flush out the system and then back on solids with slow formula introduction. So, here we are at home sick and what happens....the rest of the house gets sick. Thankfully it is of the stuffy variety because if I post on here that anyone besides the 5 month old has the runs I'll be divorced in no time.

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