Thursday, October 07, 2010

More wall art...

The other day I visited my favorite Ghetto Fabulous store. Near my work there is a place that I like to go visit called DD's Discounts. Think Ross with Apple Bottom and Baby Phat! Not only that, but it's really in the ghetto. The last news story that came out of the shopping lot was a robbery and a shooting.

The reason I like my Ghetto Fabulous store is....I'm not ghetto fabulous. That means that all of the things that the ghetto fabulous people want to buy aren't the same things that I buy. Therefore, the things that I buy always seem to be on clearance!!! The simple purse with not a single accoutrement on it is only $4, sitting right next to the one with so much bling it could make you go blind for $50!

I didn't have a lot of time on this particular trip so I limited myself to the clearance sections only. There amongst the groovy pictures I found one of those vinyl wall stickers that I knew would look perfect above my bed.Not only that, but it's also a chalkboard so it was a double win.

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