Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gotta say it was a Good Day!

Today was the big Good Day Sacramento appearance to promote GETty Crafty at Fremont Park! I wasn't especially nervous and instead was excited that this was the first big step to the event being real!

Planning this event has felt like a cake walk. It has gone really really smoothly and everyday I sit back in amazement at how much publicity we are getting, how many vendors have signed up and how many truly generous people exist out there. It is so easy to get jaded in this time. We are constantly cut off by people when driving, bumped into without an excuse me and ignored when someone is too busy texting/talking to the person on the phone instead of the one right in front of their face.

I needed GETty Crafty. I needed to feel a part of something bigger. I needed to be reminded of the good that is in so many people. To be honest, I also needed it to be reminded of the good that is within myself. I needed it so much that while I can't wait for Saturday...I don't want it to end and hope that there is a way to continue the legacy.

To me it also seemed like a no brainer to do this. I had a friend, she was hurting, she was in need and there was no reason not to help her. I could have let the sadness overcome me and avoided it all together. But why? Why when faced with sadness does the only way to deal with it have to be avoidance? Would that have made me feel any better or made Kate feel any better? No. My way to deal with the sadness was finding a way to help. I don't feel like a hero or some sort of super woman for doing this. I feel like it is something that everyone should be capable of doing for a friend. Do I get sad sometimes and feel overwhelmed by Kate's situation? Yes, of course I do. I also know that I have shed more tears of joy when something wonderful happens than I have shed tears of sadness for Getty. Leading up to going on air today they would give teasers about "80 local crafters coming together to help a child with a terminal condition." Every time I heard that I felt a pang of overwhelming joy in my heart and had to fight back the tears.

When Getty came into my life I decided to be a carrier pigeon for her. I'm putting her little message on my back and passing it out to everyone. It's those of you that read it and decide to cherish it that are the real super heros here.

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Eileen @ Bringing Up Bronwyn said...

I am local, and found out about Getty via Smonkyou, and then your blog from Getty's blog.

I am amazed with what you have been able to put together.

I will be going on Saturday and buying raffle tickets so I can help even if it's just a little.


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