Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Stuff

I was sooo impressed by the vendors at GETty Crafty!! There were a lot of new people and some super impressive stuff. I bought a couple things to bring home and could have spent TONS more if I didn't try to control myself.

First up is an adorable hat by Cupc4ke and a fantastic onesie by none other than Ana Apples! Leyton was hot and Ana was nice enough to give him a onesie to wear so I could put him in the Ergo and carry him around.

It's also not a craft fair unless I'm buying something from Skeletal Drop Kick! I thought the dancing flame and log would look great on the shelf in Leyton's room. I love it!

Finally, a vendor I was blown away by was Bottle of Clouds. Min came from the bay area and would you believe she thinks no one will buy her stuff?! The detail work is amazing. I've decided this is my new camera case for my purse. I also know I will be buying a bunch more stuff from Min down the road!

Be sure to check out the shops and always buy handmade when you can!

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