Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Giants

I'm not a baseball fan. I'll just throw that out there. I'm not totally against it, and LOVE going to live games...I just don't prefer to watch it on tv. See, I have these weird theories that there should be limits to the amount of foul balls that a person is allowed to have. I mean four balls and you walk, three strikes and you are out...but go ahead and have an unlimited amount of foul balls because we have all day. I also think that if the hitter makes contact with the ball, ALL of the players that are on a base should have to run whether there is someone behind them or not. I know baseball fans, you hate me already. You'll forgive me now though because I did this.....and suddenly I got soo sucked into the Giants game that I was cheering for them at the very end. Maybe it's having a boy that is giving me images of baseball games and football games to come? All I know is right now, this kid looks adorable in a hat!

1 comment:

Duffy said...

The socks are adorable, but the rest of the outfit is amiss. Should be wearing blue and red. ;)


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