Saturday, October 02, 2010

Gettin Thrify

I had a wonderful opportunity this weekend to do a little thrift store shopping. I have something I want to make for Halloween and needed a piece for Leyton's costume and luckily I found everything I needed.

On top of that I found some other groovy stuff. This puzzle grabbed me and for 49 cents I was willing to take the risk that all the pieces weren't there.So close. Who needs New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island though really?!

The next stop I found another vintage Fisher Price toy to add to Leyton's growing collection. It's the three men in the tub! The tub has a bell in it and it wobbles around. Only 99 cents!!

I really love thrifting!

1 comment:

Duffy said...

So cliche that the little states are missing!....but it's a VERY cool puzzle. And honestly, now you can only find states puzzles where all of New England is just one piece. Kate can name pretty much all of the states, but get to New England and she's totally confused!


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