Monday, October 04, 2010

Bed Bug!

A couple weeks ago we moved Leyton out of our room and into his big boy crib. It was kind of sad really and I missed being able to reach my hand into his co-sleeper so I could rub his face or pat his side. Not a week after moving him into his crib I realized it was time to stop swaddling. This was an even bigger decision, but since he was getting huge and breaking out of every swaddle I knew it was time. Let me tell you there were some tough moments. Then, you know what happened? He rolled over. Since the day that kid was born I knew he was going to be a stomach sleeper. I kept saying that it would be the answer to our crazy uncontrollable arm problem. Guess what? I was right. Now, I can lay him down in some footie pj's and over he rolls and he's out like a light.

At about the same time, my 6pm bedtime boy decided that was too early. Now, he goes down anytime between 7-9pm...although it's usually right at 8pm. I hoped this would mean he would sleep later, but no such luck. 5am and the alarm goes off. A couple days ago I was just too tired to move and instead of getting up with him at 5am, I moved him into our bed. Guess what? That little bugger snuggled up to me and fell right back asleep....until 7am! I was totally late for work but I can't tell you how excited I was. We have done it again each morning, although I get up a half hour before him now so I'm not late to work.

Snuggling with my bed bug is one of my favorite times of the day now, and I think it's one of his too.

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Carol Browne said...

Oh Baby Leyton, you're the cutest. Have a good sleep!


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