Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Charlie Brown would like to wish you the best Halloween!! Hope you get a day full of treats and only one or two tricks.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dino Rocks!

I met a sweet woman named Ruth in 2007 after my knee injury. I attended a Stitch n Bitch knitting meeting and she was there. I only went that once, but was blown away by Ruth's talent. She can knit AND she can crochet and she does both very well. Since that meeting we have stayed in touch through the world wide web. Ruth has made me slippers and now she made something for Leyton.A dino hat!! I absolutely love it and know that Leyton will get tons of use out of it. Have I mentioned how much I love putting hats on him?

Thanks Ruth!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Table Runner

I wanted to do a slightly elegant/simplistic setting for Halloween for our dining room table. I also wanted to spend very little money and use as many materials as I already had on hand. So I started with a great skull tray that I got from Pottery Barn on clearance, a skull that I had on hand and two of my Halloween candle holders. I knew that I wanted a table runner. I thought about using some cheese cloth and trying to give it a rugged look. Then after I trip to the thrift store I thought it would be cool to use old linens, dye them black and stitch them together. I went with doilies because they kind of have that spider web look to them.

This was my first time dying anything and I can't say it the funnest project I've ever done. What was supposed to be black...turned out purple gray. I went with it anyway. Here is the finished product. I can't decide if I love it or hate it??

What do you say? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? I think maybe if it had come out black I would like it better. I was also hoping to find some glittery black candle sticks but so far those are a no go.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

You're too old for that!

I can't remember if I have ever blogged about this. Sometimes when you have a blog for this long things start to blend together! What I do know is I have shared that I love Halloween. It is by far my favorite holiday. I'm not totally sure why but I think I love the idea of dressing up. When I do have the chance to do it...I try to go all out. I love handmade costumes and have worn many of them in my life. By far this is one of my favorites. I am 13 in this picture. I decided that I wanted to be a box of popcorn so together with my mom we got the idea to use to flats of soda cans and glue them together, cut a hole in the center so I could get my head through. Then we filled it with batting and glued popcorn to the top. My mom then covered it in red striped fabric and added the lettering on. I made the hat out of a plastic top hat and a ribbon cutter/curler. The girl is my neighbor...I have no idea what her name was. What I do remember is every other house we knocked at told us we were too old to be trick or treating. Seriously?! Do you see the effort put into this outfit! Plus...I was only 13! Granted I was probably 5'8" tall by then I still felt totally crushed.

It makes me wonder what is in store for Leyton. Will he like dressing up? Will he be tall like his mom and dad and be considered too old when he is still just a child? Will there even be trick or treating at that point or will it be too dangerous and we'll all just end up at the damn mall? Then again..our mall was just set on fire so perhaps that is a bad reference of safety.

What I do know is this. I don't think anyone is too old for trick or treating. If you are over 50 and want to spend time getting dressed up and knock on my door I will give you candy and tell you your costume is awesome. I'd rather that than the 10 year old who comes up to the door in the street clothes and a mask.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Come on Megs!!

Hi Megs.

Can I call you that? "Who me?"

Do you mind the name Megs? I mean, seeing how I get more emails from you each day than I get from other friends I feel like it's time for a quirky spin on your name seeing how we're such good friends and all. I mean, just the other day I even got a phone call about you. It wasn't you personally, no you are too busy making the "who me" arms to actually call yourself. Instead you have your minions send me the emails and make the phone calls. The thing is I really had no problem with you until you started emailing me like crazy. Then I found you to be a stalker and when I tried to tell you to go away...low and behold you shot up your "who me" arms and told me you didn't recognize my email. How weird?! I mean first of all...I never gave it to you in the first place so it would make sense that YOU don't recognize it but seeing how I'm getting all these emails from you one would think we have some sort of relationship together. If we did have a relationship I would tell you to do something about those unsightly pleated khakis that you are so found of wearing. "What these pants?" Yep, those are the ones Megs. Maybe even send you to a great stylist I know here in Sacramento to help with the hair. "What's wrong with my hair?"

I would tell you to watch out how often you look stoned or angry on camera.

I would tell you that all of these phone calls and all of these emails are actually working AGAINST you and if I didn't know who you were before....I do now...and I don't like you so much."Can't we just be friends?"

No Megs, we can't...and I don't want a hug.

Monday, October 25, 2010

What's girl to do??!!

I've been cutting my hair short since about 1994. I've had brief stints where it is at my shoulder, but typically the chin is where it is at. It's also been every color under the rainbow. I decided to grow it out and now it is just that....out. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it long and I hate it long. I love that it feels very womanly if that is even a word, I love that I can wear it up, I actually want it longer. On the other hand, I hate that it is long, I hate that I always wear it up, I hate that I still lose a small animal every time I wash it, I hate it's drab color.

So what's a girl to do?

Do I keep growing it?

Do I cut it?

Do I color it....and if so, lighter? I don't think I want to go darker because the bald spots will show.

Do I cut and color it?

All I know if is if I don't do something soon it's going to end up like this every day until it is down to my ass. Chime in please, I need some help here. I'd love some male advice too so if there are any boys that will admit to reading this, please help a sister out.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Unicorns and Beer

A couple years back I got a letter press drawer to hang in my dining room. Over the years I have been collecting little odds and ends to put inside of it. Yesterday I went to the Getty Rummage Sale and spotted a little gem that I had to have. I think it might just be one of my favorite items now.
I mean really, does it get any better than Unicorns and Beer together???

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Giants

I'm not a baseball fan. I'll just throw that out there. I'm not totally against it, and LOVE going to live games...I just don't prefer to watch it on tv. See, I have these weird theories that there should be limits to the amount of foul balls that a person is allowed to have. I mean four balls and you walk, three strikes and you are out...but go ahead and have an unlimited amount of foul balls because we have all day. I also think that if the hitter makes contact with the ball, ALL of the players that are on a base should have to run whether there is someone behind them or not. I know baseball fans, you hate me already. You'll forgive me now though because I did this.....and suddenly I got soo sucked into the Giants game that I was cheering for them at the very end. Maybe it's having a boy that is giving me images of baseball games and football games to come? All I know is right now, this kid looks adorable in a hat!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well, I have the first sickie on my hands. I got the call from daycare yesterday that Leyton, well, had quite a few blow outs of the liquidy variety. He had the runs man! Now, I'm going to have to pay for therapy when he finds out I told everyone about the time he had diarrhea.

He also wasn't eating which was HUGE because this kids eats. I mean the first time a spoon went in his mouth with real food on it he hollered, "Listen woman, you are not fooling me. This is just watery rice cereal. If you want to feed me food you better make it thick. Get in the kitchen and make it thicker now woman!" Not eating is a sure sign that something is wrong. I mean really, I listened to this kid wail like a wild banshee for three days after he was born because he was just that hungry.

I took him to the doctor and it was determined he had a stomach flu. He was put on Pedialyte to flush out the system and then back on solids with slow formula introduction. So, here we are at home sick and what happens....the rest of the house gets sick. Thankfully it is of the stuffy variety because if I post on here that anyone besides the 5 month old has the runs I'll be divorced in no time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Lately Leyton has been a grumbler. Basically whenever he is making noise he sounds really uncomfortable. He wants to be held constantly, he chews on his hands, isn't sleeping well and has some craziness in the diaper area. The only thing it can lead me to believe is he is teething. There are no sign of teeth, but man...he is not a happy camper right now. Sometimes though, all you need is a kiss from mommy and a camera to make it all better.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Stuff

I was sooo impressed by the vendors at GETty Crafty!! There were a lot of new people and some super impressive stuff. I bought a couple things to bring home and could have spent TONS more if I didn't try to control myself.

First up is an adorable hat by Cupc4ke and a fantastic onesie by none other than Ana Apples! Leyton was hot and Ana was nice enough to give him a onesie to wear so I could put him in the Ergo and carry him around.

It's also not a craft fair unless I'm buying something from Skeletal Drop Kick! I thought the dancing flame and log would look great on the shelf in Leyton's room. I love it!

Finally, a vendor I was blown away by was Bottle of Clouds. Min came from the bay area and would you believe she thinks no one will buy her stuff?! The detail work is amazing. I've decided this is my new camera case for my purse. I also know I will be buying a bunch more stuff from Min down the road!

Be sure to check out the shops and always buy handmade when you can!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Post Show Wrap Up

Well, the show has come to an end and now we all have a chance to catch our breath! It was such a whirlwind pulling this all together in the time we had and now that I look back…I can’t believe it worked and it’s over! I wanted to take a second to tell you how it all went!

To start with we had 83 vendors, we had no one flake out!! Every single vendor showed up and even the one that couldn’t make it came that morning to let me know. That is unbelievable. When we arrived at the park the sprinklers were on and had washed away the numbers letting the vendors know where to go. Would you know this was the only problem that happened all day?!!

The weather was beautiful! The people kept coming and I think we could have gone on until 4pm!

Now for the big news. From start to finish, we were able to raise the Storm family over $4,000.00! I am blown away, I am speechless, I have to constantly stop myself from crying in joy. When this started I just had a little idea of throwing a craft fair to raise a little money. I told Kate we would be lucky to have 40 vendors. I had no idea things would work as they did and I am going to forever look back on this as one of the greatest accomplishments I have ever done and one of the most amazing days of my life.

I couldn’t have done it alone though and have a ton of people to thank, so here is my best Grammy winning speech. Thank you Kate and Mark for letting me tell your story, I’m so thankful to be a part of something bigger. Thank you to all of the bloggers who wrote something about Getty on their site, you helped us get the ball rolling and ultimately brought so much awareness to this condition! Thank you to all the vendors. Eighty three of you! Simply amazing group of people. Thank you to Sondra, Roseanne, Casey and Wendy for coming out in the morning and helping set up. I know it was a bit hectic and would have been worse without you there. Thank you to Aunt Colleen, Cousin Tessa and Nola for showing up with your smiles and your bright teal Getty shirts. You were the three amigos at the head table and it went without a hitch having you there! Thank you to Morgan for taking pictures, passing around a guest book and just being an overall wonderful helper. I know there are a million people who I’m forgetting so just know that I love every one of you.

Finally, thank you to Getty. You my sweet little girl are the reason for all of this. You have filled my heart with so much love and made me see the bigger picture. You are forever in my heart and I will love you for the rest of my life.

Hoot! Hoot!

Friday, October 15, 2010

5 Months Old!

Yesterday Leyton turned 5 months old! He is getting bigger and cuter by the day. He's officially rolling over each direction, although he is lazy with the rolling and doesn't do it a lot. He's in his own room in his crib and sleeps through the night but is an early riser. He eats cereal, sweet potatoes and avocado. He does not do well with banana so the next stop will be green beans. His favorite book seems to be Goodnight Moon and the theme song for "Franklin" will stop him dead in his tracks. It's just about the cutest song ever.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gotta say it was a Good Day!

Today was the big Good Day Sacramento appearance to promote GETty Crafty at Fremont Park! I wasn't especially nervous and instead was excited that this was the first big step to the event being real!

Planning this event has felt like a cake walk. It has gone really really smoothly and everyday I sit back in amazement at how much publicity we are getting, how many vendors have signed up and how many truly generous people exist out there. It is so easy to get jaded in this time. We are constantly cut off by people when driving, bumped into without an excuse me and ignored when someone is too busy texting/talking to the person on the phone instead of the one right in front of their face.

I needed GETty Crafty. I needed to feel a part of something bigger. I needed to be reminded of the good that is in so many people. To be honest, I also needed it to be reminded of the good that is within myself. I needed it so much that while I can't wait for Saturday...I don't want it to end and hope that there is a way to continue the legacy.

To me it also seemed like a no brainer to do this. I had a friend, she was hurting, she was in need and there was no reason not to help her. I could have let the sadness overcome me and avoided it all together. But why? Why when faced with sadness does the only way to deal with it have to be avoidance? Would that have made me feel any better or made Kate feel any better? No. My way to deal with the sadness was finding a way to help. I don't feel like a hero or some sort of super woman for doing this. I feel like it is something that everyone should be capable of doing for a friend. Do I get sad sometimes and feel overwhelmed by Kate's situation? Yes, of course I do. I also know that I have shed more tears of joy when something wonderful happens than I have shed tears of sadness for Getty. Leading up to going on air today they would give teasers about "80 local crafters coming together to help a child with a terminal condition." Every time I heard that I felt a pang of overwhelming joy in my heart and had to fight back the tears.

When Getty came into my life I decided to be a carrier pigeon for her. I'm putting her little message on my back and passing it out to everyone. It's those of you that read it and decide to cherish it that are the real super heros here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary

When we first met I was 22 years old. You were the funny guy at work, the one to go to when you needed help because you always helped. We talked in the parking lot and I think you had a crush on me because I had my Dad's Bronco and there was a fishing pole in the back. I knew I liked you when I saw you in Old Sacramento and felt my stomach fall. I thought you would never like me because I was a crazy girl with tattoos and a tongue piercing. That night, I found out you liked me back. I knew I loved you and wanted to marry you right away.

We moved in together very soon. I'm not sure either of us were really ready, but we both needed roommates and figured what the heck. I never wanted you to move out, I knew that you were home.

We listened to the world tell us how we should be married already. If we had a dollar for every time someone asked us about it or placed bets on when it would happen...we would be rich. I never needed you to marry me. You wanting to wake up in bed with me every morning meant more than any ring ever could. Eight years later, while I was in my pajamas, you gave me the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.

Three years ago today, we got married outside of a barn. Our wedding party wore jeans and we greeted all our guests before the ceremony even happened. Some people thought we were crazy, but left knowing they had just been to the party of the year. I knew that day that waiting eight years for someone like you is like blinking your eyes and I would wait countless years more. Some people are never lucky enough to find what we have found. Now we have a beautiful son and I know that I have everything I need.

We have been together for 12 years. I was 22 then, I am 34 now. I've loved you young, I've loved you older and all of the stages that have happened in between. When Vanessa told me to "go to Bill Ball if you have any questions, he is the greatest and will help you with anything" she had no idea how much that would ring true in my life.

I love you, Happy Three Year Anniversary.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanks to the Sponsors!!

by Stacey

I have to send a big shout out to all of our sponsors for the GETty Crafty event. Without you, this event would not have even got off the ground!

Thanks to Friends of Fremont Park for thinking that this would be a wonderful event to have in your park. I absolutely love working with your group!

Thanks to Hoppy Brewery. If it weren't for you I'd be selling my soul to an insurance broker right now!

Thanks to Downtown Grid for the amazing donations and advertising opportunities!

Thanks to Yelp for the promotion, we are so happy that you found us and came on board to support!

Thanks to Big Spoon Yogurt for the great raffle donation and for opening your establishment for another fundraiser on Thursday, October 21st!

Thanks to Hale Photography for being not only the official photographer of Getty, but the official photographer of GETty Crafty at Fremont Park!

Thanks to the Honey Agency for your design talents. Without you our event would not look as beautiful!

Finally, a shout out to Alfredo Matta for your amazing Getty owl drawing. If you have tattoos and Alfredo is not your artist, well you should think twice about that.

Also thank you to Lisa Gonzales of Good Day Sacramento who opened her heart and let us in. We will try not to be camera-shy!

The event is now just around the corner. I am more excited than Christmas Morning, I am counting down harder than a New Years Rockin Eve. Can't wait to see everyone out there.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Get Your Tickets!!

I'm super excited to announce some of the items that we will be raffling off on Saturday!! The donations have been AMAZING and I know everyone is not going to want to miss out. So, without further is a sampling of the items to be raffled off:

We have shirts, totes, jewelry, art, quilts, postcards, cupcakes, hats and more! In addition to the items picture above we have a $50 party pack from Big Spoon Yogurt, $150 in River City Brewing certificates, Dainty Little Sessions with Morgan, $120 in hair product and $200 in service certificates, $150 Eleakis and Elder Photography, $25 Zuda Yoga, $50 Styleyes, $50 Luxe Salon, $20 Byuti Salon, $25 Fringe, $25 Koukla Kids, $25 Tapa the World, $20 Pulp Papery and $25 Ju Hachi Japanese. More items are coming in daily and we have prizes valued over $300!!!

The best don't have to be present to win or even live in the area. Everyone is open to entering the raffle. Raffle tickets are $5 for 8. You can buy them the day of the show or you can buy them by contacting me at Raffle will take place on Saturday after the GETty Crafty event!

Thanks again to everyone for their generous donations! Get your raffle tickets now!!

Friday, October 08, 2010

And the vendors are.......

I am happy to announce that we have 77 vendors for the GETty Crafty event! The turn out and support for this show has been tremendous. I wanted to take a moment to give you all a glimpse into what will be for sale.

1 of A Kind Onesies

56 Green Beanies

A Unique Touch

Adornments From Deborah

Ana Apple Designs

Bakers Design

Bear Heart Jewels

Beau Melange

Becky Lutman


Bella Lilies

Bottle of Clouds

The Briare Patch

By Steffy

Caesars Scissors

Clay Daze

Colleen Cardoso

Crafting Out Loud

Creepy Glowbugg Creations


Cupids Cottage


En La Lumie're

Essensual Jewelry

Fat Ninja

Fly Drawings

Fly Like Hermes


Gaia Style

Glass Turtles

Grouse and Badger

Gypsy Jeweler

His Love Endures Forever

Jane's Rustic Ranch Soap

Janet Camprini Designs

Jazzy Ears

Jennifer Eels Jewelry Designs

Jewel La La

Jiggy Bits

Kismet Sunday

Knittin Pretty

Lauren Signorelli

Lauren Smash Toys

Les Monique

Little Brown Box

Live Forever Couture

LVK Paper Dolls

Magnifiscent Soap

Marty May

Moon River Arts

My Gifted Chaos

Paisley Moss Boutique

Penny's Lane

Pink Pomegranate

Plants n' Rocks

Pup Stuff

Pure Palette

Rain's Embellishments

Rapunzyl Designs

Revitalized Vintage

Ribbon Rock Stars

Rumpled Monkey

Shannon Marie Designs


Skeletal Drop Kick

Sky Fire Trinkets

Studio 390

Sweet Riah Skincare

The Grandma Touch

The Village Goose

Tres Hermanas Jewelry

Upcycled Unlimited

Virtue Knits

Wandering Mind Designs

Wear Yeti

Wise Earth Herbs

Wishes and Whims

A huge thank you to everyone that signed up for the show, that donated for the raffle and that is ALSO donating 10% of their sales that day to the Getty Owl Fund. This show could not have come together like this without you! Too all you attendees, visit the links....see what is in store...and get your pocket books ready for some serious shopping!

Stay tuned next week for a preview of what is in the raffle and a pre-sale of raffle tickets!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

More wall art...

The other day I visited my favorite Ghetto Fabulous store. Near my work there is a place that I like to go visit called DD's Discounts. Think Ross with Apple Bottom and Baby Phat! Not only that, but it's really in the ghetto. The last news story that came out of the shopping lot was a robbery and a shooting.

The reason I like my Ghetto Fabulous store is....I'm not ghetto fabulous. That means that all of the things that the ghetto fabulous people want to buy aren't the same things that I buy. Therefore, the things that I buy always seem to be on clearance!!! The simple purse with not a single accoutrement on it is only $4, sitting right next to the one with so much bling it could make you go blind for $50!

I didn't have a lot of time on this particular trip so I limited myself to the clearance sections only. There amongst the groovy pictures I found one of those vinyl wall stickers that I knew would look perfect above my bed.Not only that, but it's also a chalkboard so it was a double win.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

X Marks The Tot

Way back in August, Leyton's cousin Carey bought him the cutest outfit. Since it's been so warm he hasn't been able to wear it. Now that the weather is cooling down I quickly put it on him this morning!

It's called a Tee-Suit by X Marks the Tot. Basically they take an adult t-shirt and transform into a baby outfit. Seriously the cutest thing ever. Not only do I love the shirt, but I love that the snaps are different colors to match the shirt.

Unfortunately, seeing how my son is Mr. Barf Face he proceeded to spit up immediately after being placed in the outfit and I had to wash it off so you get to see it with a wet mark. Oh well, he is a baby after all!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New Art

My friend Carol has been taking amazing pictures and posting them on her site. I knew that I really wanted to get one for the bedroom wall, but was waiting for just the right picture. The other day...voila..perfect shot! I contacted her immediately and asked to buy one.
My lovely picture showed up today and I couldn't wait to get it on the wall. I absolutely love it! Thanks Carol for the beautiful photo, the yummy M&M's and the amazing Halloween card. You have truly outdone yourself.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Bed Bug!

A couple weeks ago we moved Leyton out of our room and into his big boy crib. It was kind of sad really and I missed being able to reach my hand into his co-sleeper so I could rub his face or pat his side. Not a week after moving him into his crib I realized it was time to stop swaddling. This was an even bigger decision, but since he was getting huge and breaking out of every swaddle I knew it was time. Let me tell you there were some tough moments. Then, you know what happened? He rolled over. Since the day that kid was born I knew he was going to be a stomach sleeper. I kept saying that it would be the answer to our crazy uncontrollable arm problem. Guess what? I was right. Now, I can lay him down in some footie pj's and over he rolls and he's out like a light.

At about the same time, my 6pm bedtime boy decided that was too early. Now, he goes down anytime between 7-9pm...although it's usually right at 8pm. I hoped this would mean he would sleep later, but no such luck. 5am and the alarm goes off. A couple days ago I was just too tired to move and instead of getting up with him at 5am, I moved him into our bed. Guess what? That little bugger snuggled up to me and fell right back asleep....until 7am! I was totally late for work but I can't tell you how excited I was. We have done it again each morning, although I get up a half hour before him now so I'm not late to work.

Snuggling with my bed bug is one of my favorite times of the day now, and I think it's one of his too.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

And the winner is.......


Wendy, you are the proud owner of a Getty Owl shirt. I'll chat with you tomorrow and find out which one you want. Thanks everyone for entering. If you would like to buy your own Getty Owl shirt you can do so by clicking here.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Gettin Thrify

I had a wonderful opportunity this weekend to do a little thrift store shopping. I have something I want to make for Halloween and needed a piece for Leyton's costume and luckily I found everything I needed.

On top of that I found some other groovy stuff. This puzzle grabbed me and for 49 cents I was willing to take the risk that all the pieces weren't there.So close. Who needs New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island though really?!

The next stop I found another vintage Fisher Price toy to add to Leyton's growing collection. It's the three men in the tub! The tub has a bell in it and it wobbles around. Only 99 cents!!

I really love thrifting!

Friday, October 01, 2010

The Dude

Leyton had his pictures taken by Morgan a week ago and holy goodness I can't even tell you how much I love the shots. First off, anytime I put Leyton in this hat I almost die from heart palpitations. Then have him chilling in a basket in his Sunday bests and it's over.

If you are in need of pictures, you should seriously be getting them done by Morgan. Thank you so much! We can't wait to take more with you.


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