Saturday, September 04, 2010

Thirty Days of Me - Day 13

A Letter To Someone That Has Hurt You Recently

Dear Old Lady Babysitter,

Hey bitch. If you came across this letter you probably wouldn't even know that this letter was for you. You'd probably read this and think, "Wow, what a horrible woman." Not even realizing that I'm talking to you because that is how naive you are.

This letter is going to be hard to write, and yet at the same time it is something that should have been written a long time ago so my rage would be more under control. Let me start get right to the RUINED the first two days with my child. You were supposed to be a nurse. You were supposed to help, you never did. My child screamed, my child was hungry and upset. You wrote him off as a "non-latcher" and sent in the lactation consultant. The problem was child was a 10lb baby that lost 10% of his body weight in the first night because what my body was creating was not enough for him. Instead of listening you turned your back and my child screamed for two solid days.

Remember that time you told me that I should try breast feeding on my side and I told you I couldn't turn onto my side because my c-section scar hurt? Do you remember what you told me? I think the exact words in a snide voice were "Well, 95% of my c-section patients can lay on their side." Know what I did? I balled my eyes out and rolled over instead of telling you fuck off bitch...I'm obviously the other 5%.

Remember that time I told you that I couldn't have a bowel movement because it was too hard to come out and my body didn't know how to push anymore? Do you remember what you told me then? The exact words were "Well, I hope it comes out" as you walked out the door. I won't even tell you what I did to make that happen, I'm probably going to lose enough readers already with this stupid letter to you.

Remember that time that I finally DEMANDED that you bring my baby some formula and although you absolutely refused to let him drink it out of a bottle because god forbid I give my baby nipple confusion? Know what I did? I sat there and cried while you had my child lap the formula out of a cup like a dog. How was that supposed to be better than the potential bonding time I could have had while holding and feeding my baby from a bottle?

Overall, you should be absolutely fucking ashamed of yourself. You are there to help people and I am saddened to think of all the other women you are making feel horrible. All of the other women that think in those early highly emotional and unstable moments that having a baby may have been the biggest mistake they ever made. You are nothing more than a glorified old lady babysitter. I hope that you retire and don't cause any other women the anguish that you caused me and my child.

Screw you.

(Sorry to my grandmother, I try to keep this blog as nice as possible but this was the one time that I had to get the vulgarity out so it doesn't eat me inside anymore. I feel so much better now.)


katie *c* said...

Apparently we are both in the 5% category of ladies who can't lay on their side after a c-section. It took me almost a week and half before I felt comfortable enough to lay on my side. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience!

JaymiPop said...

Oh my gosh Stacey! That is horrible! She was your nurse? How dreadful! I am so sorry that you had to deal with that!

Duffy said...

Ok, this makes up for you liking the Greatest American Hero. This letter is the shit. I could write a similar letter to the bitch nurse while I was in labor.

Also, I guess I am also in the 5%.....because moving a couple inches in any direction, to the side, sitting up, whatever, made me feel like I was enduring torture like Jack Bauer on 24.

What is it with us outspoken first time mothers that let these horrible nurses (and there are some great ones....) walk all over us??? Trust me, if I go through it all again, I will NOT be vulnerable as I was before.

Great letter! You should really send it, especially if you know her name.

Or my mom sends her favorite card to people like her, nothing written in it, just a card that says on the front, "Jesus loves you!" Open it up and the inside says, "Everybody else thinks you're an asshole." Anonymously. It's brilliant. ;)


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