Saturday, September 04, 2010

Tattoo for Leyton

My friend Kate and I went today to get tattoos in honor of our babies. Our artist Alfredo did an amazing job. Kate wanted to get an owl that represented Getty. We sent Alfredo some pictures of owls she liked as well as a Getty photo and this is the final result! He captured her perfectly...just look at those eyes!I've always known that when I had a baby I would get the babies foot print on my foot. Even though I always say "this is my last tattoo" I knew I would get one more. I absolutely love how it came out. Man Leyton had some big feet at birth!!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

LEYTON BABY! One day he will hold his enormous foot over that print and you will be amazed at how big he is :)

JaymiPop said...



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