Thursday, September 09, 2010

A mom and her baby....

Before I had Leyton my friend Amy gave me the cutest onesie. It was definitely geared more towards a boy, but I knew even if I had a girl I would put it on her...just with a little skirt. The onesie was made by Ana Apple Designs and after seeing a picture of Leyton in the outfit she asked if he would like to be a baby model for her. We were all over it!

Ana was fantastic to work with and this was really the first time I felt Leyton was comfortable having his picture taken. In the portrait studios the lights are just too scary for him at this point. Ana was funny and patient and Leyton was a trouper even with the many outfit changes.

When all was said and done Ana sent me some great onesies and bibs for Leyton and a stack of pictures from the shoot for me. I really feel like I am the one that scored here. Especially when I saw this shot...You have no idea how much I will treasure this. It is the first truly amazing picture of myself and my baby. Thank you so much Ana for capturing this incredible image.

Listen here readers...get out there and buy from Ana. Her stuff is adorable!!


Rain said...

Very adorable photo indeed! : D

Duffy said...



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