Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lab Monkey

Last week Leyton got to be a lab monkey, or actually I think I was calling him my little lab rat all day. UC Davis contacted us to see if we would be willing to participate in studies and I figured, why not? As long as it wasn't going to be harmful or traumatic I was all for it. Leyton participated in two studies, both to try and determine how much babies pay attention and notice new items at this age. He looked at a giant tv screen with a particular toy that moved in a particular way and made a particular noise. Then they would change one aspect to see if it caught his attention. The second study was again looking at a screen that was divided and would show him two pictures of either cats or cars. Sometimes the pictures were the same, and other times one side was different from the other. Overall, he passed with flying colors and was labeled a baby genius. Well, not really but that's what I like to think. We were given a certificate and a free toy. I'm so happy I'm in the picture and so happy I look absolutely thrilled.

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