Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wait a darn minute!

What he hell has been happening to my feet?! It took talking to my friend Judy today to realize...I've had some serious foot issues in the past year. Let's recap shall we. First we had an ingrown toenail. An ingrown toenail that had to be surgically removed twice. An ingrown toenail that was treated with medicine to make it never grow back again. An ingrown toenail that is STILL THERE PEOPLE!

Next up...fat feet. Remember them, all squishy, painful and warm? You saw them coming and pretty much ran for safety. Shoes were unavailable and instead the stylish box was worn around town. Everyone said, "It'll get better after you have the baby." Know what...it got worse. Only for about two weeks though, then you returned to normal size and we became friends again.

Finally, busted toe. Busted toe that since this picture is now turning the top of my foot purple.

What the hell man? Am I being punished for poor toenail color selections? Pretty soon I'm going to be accosted by What Not to Wear simply because I can only wear flip flops everyday at the office.

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