Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh No Toe!

You would think that I take really extreme vacations considering that I always seem to come home hurt from them wouldn't you? Well unless Extreme Beach Walking and Extreme Stair Falling Down is considered then we just call me a clutz and be on with it.

Yes, I got hurt on our vacation. Thankfully this time I did it right and got hurt on the day we were leaving instead of the day we arrived! There were stairs in the cabin and while I've stayed at this place 4 times, it seemed that this time the stairs were different. I'm happy to say I was not the only one to fall...I was just the only one who got hurt. The stair rail ends and there is still one step left before you get to the landing. This kind of gives you a false sense that you are on the last step so it becomes easy to miss the last one or step right on the edge of it. I was going downstairs, in the dark (genius I know) to get the laundry in the drier. I missed the last step and fell directly on my knees.

My first thought was "Oh shit, my knee!" Then I realized that my knee didn't hurt at all but my back was spasming so bad I could barely stand straight. I slowly climbed back up the stairs to lie on the bed. Instantly the back felt better and it dawned on me the terrible pain that was coming from my toe area. An x-ray when we got home revealed that the toe is busted. Almost cracked a bone completely in half. Healing is just simply buddy taping for 4-6 weeks and "trying" to take it easy. I'm not sure if I'm more upset by the toe breaking or the fact that I didn't get a pedicure before it happened and still have two month old blue polish on!Can't wait to take my next vacation!

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