Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Leyton Lovely

Today was the Truckee Farmer's Market and Street Fair. We went down to take a peek, more for the handmade items than anything else. There were some cute things and then I found the booth for La La Design Studios. Her lotus necklaces and earrings were to die for and I figured I would walk away with one. Then I saw the sign that she did custom name necklaces. Since I know that Leyton isn't a name I'm going to find on things I knew instantly that I wanted one. In less than 15 minutes the designer Lauren made one for me.I will be wearing it everyday and when I go back to work it will be a little piece of him that I will always have with me!! Thanks Lauren!


Ruth said...

omg that is the cutest thing ever!!!!

Melissa B. said...

Very Cute!

GoodEye Photography + Design said...

Cool necklace!

Carol Browne said...

That is beautiful. Love it!


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