Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's a Wrap!

Leyton is the kind of kiddo that needs a swaddle. He's crazy with his arms and legs and can't settle down. Once he is swaddled he falls right asleep, sometimes even during the swaddle! Now that he's bigger swaddling has become a challenge and I've pretty much used every swaddler out there so I thought I would go ahead and give you a couple reviews.

The first swaddle wrap we used was the Kiddopotamus.At the beginning this was a great option. Unfortunately in sizing there is a huge flaw. The sizing is small/medium and then large. Leyton grew too long for the small/medium combo size but when we moved him to the large it was enormous...literally swimming on him! He got his arms out the bottom one night and I woke up to him with so much fabric around his neck it was scary.

We then moved onto the Woombie. I went ahead and got the Lil Houdini version because Leyton knows how to bust out of things. After using the Woombie I wish it was something I used from the start. It allows the child to move their arms some. Unfortunately Leyton was so used to NOT moving his arms that when he was given the extra wiggle space all he would do is wiggle in it so we were unable to use it.

Next up, the Halo Sleep Sack w/ Swaddle blanket. This worked twice. Then it was washed. After washing Leyton was able to get his arms out of the bottom and again pull all the fabric up to his neck...even with the extra little velcro straps that are supposed to keep this from happening.

Now I'm too afraid to use much of anything for fear he is going to suffocate himself in the night. So, we are falling back on an old naptime favorite. The Pure Baby swaddle blanket. These are great lightweight blankets that are ENORMOUS squares. I've always used them for naps because he never busts out of them in a nap. At night though he starts to wiggle and eventually breaks free. We're using these at night and when he breaks free I just let him deal with it. It seems to be working and I'm hoping soon enough I won't have to swaddle at all.

I definitely feel there is a huge flaw in almost all of these swaddle options. It's the fact that the bottom part doesn't enclose the hands and if the child's arms are long they will get them out of the bottom and then lift up. This puts a bunch of fabric at the child's neck...which can't be safe.

I'm soo looking forward to the day when we don't have to swaddle.

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Tricia said...

I'm with Halo Innovations and I recently read your article on the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket. I thought I might offer some suggestions when using our product. It sounds like your little guy is very active at night. In general, we recommend that swaddling be discontinued when your little one shows signs of breaking out of the swaddle. If he still desires the feeling of being swaddled you might consider swaddling using the wearable blanket with his arms out. This gives him the ability to move his arms while maintaining the "snug" feeling of being swaddled. If you do continue to fully swaddle your little one be sure to secure the Stay-Fixed loops to ensure that the swaddle band stays positioned properly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact HALO at


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