Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bath tubs suck!

The other item I have struggled with in the baby department.....bath tubs. The first tub I got, I got because it was cute and it collapsed and got big. It also leaked....all over the damn place. So much for "growing with the baby." The second tub I got worked fine, for a month and then was too small. Tub manufacturers need to realize that people have big long babies. There is this divide between the newborn infant tub and the tub made for a baby that can sit up. Well what if your baby is big, but can't sit up yet? Where are your tubs?

For my third tub purchase I read reviews. A ton of them. The overall opinion is that tubs suck. I went with the one that had the best reviews. I also went with one that is CHEAP. It is for babies that can sit up but because of it's shape it works for Leyton..and he loves it.
Plus, it is seriously adorable and quacks!


Amanda @ My Everyday said...

I use it as an excuse to take a bath too. I have a pretty deep tub so I fill it up halfway and hold her floating on her back and kick her feet, she loves baths with mommy!

Pink Petunia Designs said...

Tubs do suck. I bathed mine in the sink everyday with one of those big sponges that sit on the bottom so they wouldn't slip. It was great because I wasn't leaning over!


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