Monday, August 23, 2010

30 Days of Me

I'm hitting bloggers block. I find that right now it's harder to blog with the baby. First, all I want to tell you about is the baby. Second, there's not much else to tell you because all I'm doing is hanging out with the baby! I don't really want it to become a baby blog, but I know that it is heavy with baby info right now. I know it will grow and change, but I thought I'd do something to distract a bit. JaymiPop is doing the 30 Days of Me. I thought I'd give it a try. It will give me something to focus on and give some variance to the blog. I mean, if it can't be about the might as well be all about me!

Day One: A recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts.
1. I missed my calling as an event planner. It's something I now know that I should have started doing years ago. I love hosting dinners and planning big events. No matter how hard, frustrating and annoying it can be...when the event is finally done I get a thrill like none other.

2. I have a crazy phobia of rest stops. I stopped at one on the last vacation and while the hubby was in the restroom I spent a good amount of time figuring out what was happening to him in there and how long before I should go running into the street to flag down help. It was then that I realized I had a problem.

3. I like scary movies. Maybe that's why I have phobia number 2! I get annoyed by the slasher film just to be gory. I like something that is truly scary and chills you to the bone. I saw the Blair Witch Project the day it hit the indie theaters, before everyone knew that it wasn't real footage. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen at that time.

4. I broke my neck when I was 10. I was a clutz as a kid and joined a swim team because it was safe. Who knew that diving off a block into 3 1/2 foot deep water wasn't actually safe?

5. I got my first tattoo when I was 18, I wanted it when I was 15. If I had the guts I would actually have a sleeve on one arm. I will never do it. I'm only getting one more (or so I tell myself.) It will be revealed later.

6. If I could buy my dream car it would be a late 60's, early 70's Ford Bronco, removable hard top, painted orange.

7. I only want one baby. There was a time I always thought I had to have two. Now that I'm older I am very comfortable having just Leyton. I was an only child myself and I turned out fine. Maybe if I had started earlier I would have had more. It's weird how that sentence can make you feel guilty, "I only want one baby." Why is there so much pressure to have more than one, why can't one be enough?

8. When I retire I want to be a crosswalk guard at an elementary school. I smile whenever I see one. I will be proud to wear an orange vest.

9. I miss crafting. I'm trying to knit right now in the evenings when Leyton goes to bed. It's a little tough on the wrists but makes me feel good. I want to paint some more and would also love to get involved in ceramics at some point, but I know that will involve a class.

10. I miss the east coast. If it wasn't for meeting the hubby I think I would have moved back. I haven't set foot in Boston since I moved away and I dream about going there for a visit all the time.

11. I would move to Washington tomorrow if the hubby would agree. To be honest I don't even ask. His folks are here and he helps them alot. Plus the man has been at his job for over 18 years or something crazy like that. He's not a big "changer." I am, so whenever he is ready to pack up I will load up boxes.

12. I could eat some form of Mexican food every day of the week. I love everything about it.

13. While I don't want another baby, I miss being pregnant. Only at certain stages. I never felt more comfortable in my body and sexy. I loved feeling the baby swim around and sometimes think I feel it, then realize it's only indigestion!

14. I love my hubby's family almost as much as I love him. I've never met a group of more wonderful people. His parents have been married for over 50 years. There are six kids total, all married and no divorce. There are 11 grandchildren, all great kids. I could spend months with them and never wish for some alone time. I feel so blessed and lucky to be a part of the bunch. I never knew it could be so good.

15. Turn your hand over, palm up, and count the segments on your finger. I'm sure you have three. On my pinkie there are four. I once had a palm reader tell me that it was the hand of a healer. If that were the case you think maybe I wouldn't hurt myself so much!


JaymiPop said...

Haha! I saw Blair Witch in the theater before everyone knew it was fake too...and my best friend and I were so scared that she stayed the night in my doom room so we both wouldn't have to be alone. The next morning, we found a pile a sticks at my door and ran screaming. Turns out some guys put them there 'cause they knew how scared we were.

I agree with you about the 2nd baby guilt. But, I as an only child too, am so jealous of people with siblings. I have my parents. Everyone else has brothers and sisters and stepbrothers, etc. And I didn't grow up next to any family either so I'm pretty lonely in the extended family department. If I wanted one thing for Audrey, it was that.

Katie said...

#14 - that's just the sweetest thing ever. Sometimes it's amazing to me how well we all get along and that we actually ARE a happy family! Seems like there aren't that many happy families around anymore...

Duffy said...

I definitely don't think you should feel the slightest bit of guilt for only wanting one child! I think it's admirable that you can be honest with yourself about it. I don't think most people are. Sometimes I think having just Kate would be the most awesome thing in the world, but I have a nagging somewhere in my sub conscience that really makes me crave another....sometimes I really wonder if it's just society though.....

And could you please post a picture of your freaky finger? =)


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