Saturday, July 17, 2010

No napping!

Thanks to Baby Geek I currently know how much Leyton is NOT napping. Leyton was pretty consistently getting 14ish hours of sleep a day...which is pretty average for a kiddo his age. Last Monday he slept almost 17 hours. No rhyme or reason to it, just drifted off to sleep whenever I sat him down. Before the 17 hour stint he would wake up around 5-6am and then take a nice morning nap by 8am that lasted two hours, sometimes up to three and a half. It was heaven. It gave me a chance to sneak some more sleep in and start my work day. Throughout the rest of the day Leyton would take a couple short naps and another longer 1-2 hour nap later in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, it came to a screeching halt. The naps went from hours to no more than 15-20 minutes giving him about 11 hours of sleep a day...most of that happening at night. Luckily the nighttime sleep wasn't affected, but no daytime sleep for baby means no rest for mommy which is not the greatest thing. By Thursday Leyton was fussier, this boy needed sleep.

It was suggested at the last doctor's appointment that Leyton switch to a new formula that had an easier to digest protein. I hadn't made the change yet because I had other formula, but by Thursday night I decided to switch thinking maybe this was having something to do with the sleep. I bought a formula by Similac called Alimentum. Holy hell, this stuff smelled like soup that had been left in a Tupperware in a care in the Arizona summer only to be found a year later and opened. I don't have a big gag reflex, but this stuff hit me with a ton of bricks. I didn't want to hold my baby because the smell coming from his mouth made me want to vomit. Unfortunately he was also spitting up quite a bit. That one bottle was the last of the Alimentum..I just couldn't take it for either of us. I then went to the other option, Gerber Good Start. He had the first bottle Friday morning. Friday, he slept 16.5 hours! I figured my prayers were answered.

Today, he's going to hit about 10 hours. Apparently I need to pray harder.

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Sarah D. said...

Oh man, that's how I felt about the Soy formula. Kate smelled so bad we couldn't take it. It was pouring from her pours....blech.

About the sleep, you just never know with kids. They are anything buy consistent! Just know that 10 hours today equals 17 hours in a couple days. =)


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