Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm a geek!

When I had Leyton I found Dr's appointments challenging at times. In fact, I guess it started in the hospital. The questions would come: how much has Leyton eaten, how many diapers wet/poo, how much sleep. I always sat there like a deer in the headlights. I then tried getting an Itzbeen timer, but honestly didn't like it much. I forgot to push the buttons and just never felt like it did anything other than remind me when to do something.

Since I'm not cool enough for an iPhone I have my iPod Touch and decided to look for an application that might help me. It was then that I found Baby Geek!! I seriously LOOOOVE this application. I'm slightly addicted to it. It helps me keep track of everything. It averages how much sleep Leyton is getting, how much he is eating, diapers, etc. I can put my own items in and add them as they happen. There is a growth tracker, a place for questions for the doctor. It's seriously one of the most favorite things I have bought to help me with the kiddo. At the two month check up and I had the answers to everything and had all the questions that I wanted to ask easily stored in one place. All of that for just 99 cents!! I highly recommend it to any mommy out there!

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