Sunday, July 25, 2010

A classic!

A recent trip to my in-laws scored me another great book! They have a huge bookshelf in their family room full of fantastic old books. I was always a big fan of the Peanuts when I was a kid. In fact, when I was in 5th grade we had to write to someone famous and I chose Charles Schultz. Great thing was, he actually wrote back. It wasn't a fan club note, it was a personal letter from him with a drawn photo. Oh I wish that I had that now but it got left at the school.

What makes this book even more great is it is from Scholastic. Man I loved ordering from them. I hope they are still around and Leyton comes home with those great catalogs. I can only imagine the books are 60 cents anymore though!

1 comment:

kenny said...

I remember that book...iI loved it as a kip. Sweet that you still have an old addition


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