Monday, June 07, 2010

Wish List

When I got pregnant I knew right away that I wanted a boy. I know that sounds selfish and trust me like all others I would have been happy with whatever I got and ultimately wanted a healthy baby. I did have a gender preference though. I think it's because I was a twin with a brother that didn't make it. Perhaps I felt having a boy of my own would fill that void. Either way, it was what I hoped for. Then I also got selfish and hoped that my boy would look like his daddy. I wanted him to have his eyes, his hair, his long limbs, strong square jaw and coloring. Only I wanted him to have my lips. Guess what? My prayers were answered. The one place you can see me in my son is his full lips. All the other parts are 100% his daddy. I love his hair most of all. It's full like his daddy's and also has wave to it. Then I got it wet and realized just how much wave it has to it. Seriously, it is bordering on an afro. It's an afro mullet! I will say that since he was born his hair has lightened considerably and I'm thinking it's going to be closer to my color. I truly think he's the most gorgeous baby I've ever seen. Don't all moms say that?

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Duffy said...

I can only imagine how incredibly soft that hair is!!!!! Aw!


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