Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Poop!

Today Leyton went to have his first professional pictures taken. Like I expected as soon as we sat him down he started screaming his head off. So, I used a back up bottle to give him a little extra food and calm him down. The bottle would go in his mouth, then we would count to three..pull it out and snap the shot. I know, what a tease. Needless to say it worked and he calmed right down. We had two outfits and wanted to try and get some naked shots in between. By the time we got Leyton naked, my baby that LOVES being naked, he was calm and collected. In naked shots you remove everything...even the diaper. This seemed dangerous, but these people know what they are doing! We were just taking the final shot, Leyton was on his back and the photographer was getting a close up of his feet when we saw the face. The one that looks like the face a weight lifter makes when the weights are going over his head. The face that says "I'm taking a dump now." As you can imagine, our photography session ended there on a shitty note.

1 comment:

Duffy said...

You must have gotten a picture of the ending!
The actual shot you posted is beyond cute!


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