Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Date Night!

Since my mom is here she wanted to make sure that Bill and I got to go on a date. Not only that but she wanted to treat us to that date. One of our favorite places to go on special occasions is McCormick and Schmick's. Seriously delicious seafood and since I didn't get to eat alot of it during the pregnancy we knew we were headed there. When we arrived we had a little surprise as my mom had the top of the menus customized. We have a menu from when we got married, our first year wedding anniversary (which was our 10 year anniversary) and now the baby. Such a cute tradition!


Roseanne said...

Thanks for the updates! Glad to hear you and Bill had a great date night. Leyton is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Brought me back to the Grand Babies swimming sans diapers
Yes, a floater!!!!!!



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