Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're Home!

And we're home!! After 5 long days in the hospital the Ball Family is now a party of three and so happy to have Leyton Maxwell Ball with us. As you know I was scheduled to be induced on Wednesday night the 12th since Leyton was thought to be a "big" baby. Bill and I arrived at the hospital at 10:00pm and shortly there after I was given doses of Misoprostol to try and get the labor to start. This actually worked a bit and things got a little closer during the exams and contractions picked up. I wasn't in much discomfort and actually got to enjoy some of this time in the hospital.

By 1pm on Thursday it was pretty clear that the progress had stopped and it would now be necessary to get more aggressive and so the Pitocin began. They start off at 1 and increase by 1-2 each time just depending on how things are going. When the Pitocin started I was 3cm dialated and about 40% effaced. The pit started and I spent a ton of time walking up and down halls, not feeling too bad. Then the dosage crept up to 6 and I started to feel as if I was going to need some pain assistance. I was never against the epidural during my delivery but I really wanted to know what the pain was like and I don't regret getting a taste of it. I kept holding on and then the pit was turned up to 7 and my water was broken by the doctors. I knew at that point I was done. It was about 9pm at this point. I got the epidural and immediately all discomfort went away. The pit was continuously increased until at 3am and at a pitocin level of 14 it was determined that I was not moving forward. I was stuck at 5cm and 50% effaced. Clearly this baby could not get out on it's own.

My sister quickly arrived to be in the delivery room with us and we were wheeled away to surgery. I was scared more than I have ever been in my life and Bill was right there with me. I knew that I would be kept awake and would not "feel" the surgery because the pain element wouldn't be there...but that I would feel alot of of what they were doing. This was the weirdest experience of my life. In addition I couldn't keep my body from trembling from the medication. Within 15 minutes they dropped the curtain enough so I could see....my new baby boy! I am crying just writing that! I felt it was a boy from the beginning and really wanted a boy. It was funny because in the moment that I knew he was out I had this fleeting thought that they were going to tell me it was a girl. I have never loved anything more than I loved that little critter the moment I saw him. He is his dad in every since. We're pretty certain that he will have the "Ball Jaw" and is blessed with his dad's good looks and skin tone. He also lucked out and got my full lips! He weighed 9lbs 6.8ozs and measured 20.7 inches long, although a follow up doctor's appointment today revealed he is 22.5" long!.

We've spent the last couple days recovering and getting to know our son. We had quite a horrible (to be honest) experience with most of the after care nurses at Sutter so these last few days have not been the funnest. Luckily, we got everything worked out and now are home to take care of our kiddo on our own. He's now eating happily, formula for the most part which is part of the struggle. While I wanted to breast feed it was clear that it wasn't working out as I didn't have enough of anything in me to keep this big baby boy happy. He became a BEAST to deal with and cried all the time, hungry beyond belief. He stopped breastfeeding entirely, pissed off because he wasn't getting anything. All the nurses wanted to do was shove him on my breast. Finally a nurse realized that this child lost over 12% of his body weight in a very short time and we may need to do something else. So for now he gets formula and what little I can pump out. Hopefully my milk will come in soon and we can ween him off the formula but overall I can't complain about the wonderful child I have. He is on the baby schedule and pretty much eats, sleeps and cries. The diapers haven't hit us much yet because he was so starved at first it all hasn't hit his system. I know this will soon change!

I've uploaded pictures that we have taken and friends have taken.


There are some in there from the delivery but I don't think any are too graphic to turn your stomach. My sister took the shots of Leyton coming out but was on the "Birthday Party" side of the curtain as we liked to call it. The business/surgery side was too scary!

So happy to officially introduce Leyton to the blogging world!


little t jane said...

wow! he's darling!!! congrats! so glad you are doing well. take good care of yourself. yay! you're a mom now!!! treasure each little newbie moment with your son- it goes by fast! get ready for the greatest adventure ahead!!! :D much good cheer

JaymiPop said...

Congrats!!!!!!! He's beautiful. Well, I guess I'm not supposed to say beautiful - um, handsome!

I'm so so happy for you guys. xo

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Congratulations! He is gorgeous, and what a beautiful name you chose.

So glad you are all doing well!

BOSSY said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. So happy! Love, Aunt Bossy.

Som's Studio said...

What a gorgeous baby! Congratulations!

Natalie Jane said...

Congrats! What a sweetheart!

I know this is terrible timing, but you won the yellow favorites giveaway on my blog. I mentioned it on your last post, but I think you were a little busy. :)

I have to send the package out by Friday as there are perishables in it. If I don't hear from you by tomorrow night, it will go to the next chosen winner and I will send you some earrings or something as a second prize.

Let me know your address ASAP so I can send the package to you!


Carol Browne said...

Welcome Baby Ball! Looking forward to getting to know you, sir!

Melissa Haworth said...

Hooray! Congrats! Very happy for you.


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