Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank you Jesus!

I seriously had issues with how huge my feet got at the end of my pregnancy. Remember that last pic I posted? Disgusting! Well, guess what? After delivery IT GOT WORSE! Seriously, you read that right. My legs were virtually the same size from my feet to my mid thigh. They were gigantic, they were sore, they looked terrible. I asked the OB if there was something wrong with me. He blamed the drugs and said it would get worse before it got better. I got home, and it got worse! I seriously thought I would never be the same again. Then yesterday I woke up...and it was gone. Like magic in the night I got my old legs, ankles and feet back. I swear this means I probably lost another 2 pounds, but who cares...I just wanted my feet.


Anonymous said...

I love that color polish. I think I must go acquire some the exact color today:)

jen said...

huzzah! i had those swollen horrors called "feet" and "ankles", too during my pregnancies. i remember the day they swelled up and the day i peed so much i thought i was dying and they went down. good times!

Carol Browne said...

Welcome back, regular feet. Poor you. But your toes look much happier now.


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