Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm now 4 days past my due date. Everyone that voted on when I would have the baby has officially lost. No one picked past May 9th! I'd say let's have another contest and vote for how long the labor will take, but then the winner that picks 50+ hours will probably end up being killed by me rather than getting some free Netflix love.

Being late is frustrating, although I'm sure being really early is too. You know that this "due date" they have created is such a rough estimate, but you put so much attention into it for 9 months that it's hard not to hope it's true. There is a small light at the end of the tunnel knowing that I will have a baby this week, but I had so hoped it would happen on its own. I guess I'm just too comfy inside!

This weekend I ran quite a few errands and had more people ask me "When are you due?" than have asked during the entire pregnancy. This is probably because I am HUGE now. You think you can't get any bigger but that is not the case. When I would tell everyone I was late they were so shocked that I was out and about, put together and walking around. It was nice to hear those things and made me feel strong. Little did they know I'm curled up on the sofa in between on these outings. I've gotten alot more uncomfortable at night in the last couple days. Most of the time I feel as if I've been hit by a car. EVERY joint hurts.....even my jaw. Thankfully this is only at night and doesn't last all through the day.

I've been asked if I will post on here when I'm having the baby and I hope to do so! If not here, at least a twitter update. I don't have much to post right now so the blog will be a bit quiet, but I hope you stick around. If you've gone through this past 9 months I figure you are a lifer anyway! I actually asked at the hospital if they had wireless and must admit that the look I got from other pregger ladies on the tour was funny. I felt I should announce that I wasn't planning on live feeding the birth on Youtube or anything! We'll keep all posts from the waist up...or maybe even neck up.

I thought it wasn't fair that no one got the date right so I'm doing the Netflix drawing anyway. It was so much fun that everyone voted! Using the random number generator, based on 17 total votes...the winner of the two month Netflix membership is Judy Ensign who guessed a boy on May 8th. Sorry I couldn't get the baby out Judy, hope you enjoy some fun movies at least!


ruth said...

my husband's first question on the hospital tour was the exact same too. hey, it's important to know! :)
p.s. hang in there!!!

Carol Browne said...

Baby Layton's just sleeping in, that's all. Maybe he/she didn't hear the alarm.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

best wishes, thinking of you every day!

Anonymous said...

See---I patted your tummy and now the baby loves you too much to make its appearance.

All good things are worth waiting for. Good luck

ben said...

Hey Stace,
Sorry I didn't make it out to see you guys this weekend. We didn't expect a showing and I couldn't imagine a less pleasant place for you to hang out.(loud music, drunk people, etc...) I just read your rant about the "oversharing" of advice... It happens to all preggos. The irony is the more "earthy" and "holistic" and "natural" the person is, the more preachy and condescending they can be. Here is my advice... er, I mean words of encouragement. Both my babies were induced, mainly because of size worries, but here is the plus side-- the epidural is guilt free, because dammit, you just cant have a baby induced and be expected to endure that kind of pain naturally. Both girls are beautiful and healthy, and both birth experiences were unforgettable, unique and life changing.
We are thinking about you and all of your suffering and how happy you will be by the end of the week.
Oh wait, I actually do have advice. Alyce used a standing mirror beside the OB, to visually track the progress of her pushing. It helped her greatly.
We're eagerly awaiting any news from your way!

Natalie Jane said...

Hope that baby made it's way by now! Check out my blog for a giveaway surprise that I think will make your day!


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