Saturday, May 01, 2010

Just in case....

you forgot about the old swelling of the feet....I thought I'd share what they look like now. Yep, those are them. I can't tell you how hard it is to show you that picture. While I don't have a foot fetish, I like nice feet. I've always taken pride in trying to make my feet look nice and now I am disgusted by them. I'd rather show you bare belly shots than feet shots. At this point the swelling doesn't get much better than this. I'm realizing that choosing the lavender shade of polish during my pedicure yesterday may have been a big mistake seeing how it just looks like my toenails are bruised from being suffocated by all that extra flesh. You should also know that they hurt like hell. They feel bruised on the top. It's really a terrible side effect and I am trying to be extremely hopeful that this one is one that goes away fast. Right now I can only wear ONE pair of flip flops or my slippers...that's it. I was thinking of maybe getting some Crocs cause they seem roomy. Anyone else have any recommendations or remedies??


Linnie or LuLu said...

My best advice is to stick it out with the flip flops and slippers...the swelling will go down as soon as the baby comes. If you buy shoes now (even Crocs) they will seem like boats on your feet later.

Duffy said...

I so remember the feet. They hurt like a bitch. I went to literally buy new shoes and the asshole salesman told me that my feet would never be the same. I started crying right then and there. But looking at my feet now, he was was an idiot. And what's better, I never even thought about my feet immediately after the birth, meaning, it goes down within a few days of birth - I think. =)

Go with some fun crocs!!!

I love how as I write this, you could have Baby L in your arms right now!

Amber Cullum said...

Girl, I wish I would have taken a picture of feet the day I was due. It is crazy what our bodies can go through. I remember thinking there is no way my feet will ever be the same. Thankfully it only took a few weeks after Bennett was born for them to be back to normal.


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