Saturday, May 29, 2010

From the heavens!

Turns out Leyton is a daytime crier. I guess this is better than a night time crier, but seriously I was hoping for that baby that got described as "mellow." Ha! Don't we all wish for that. Once he gets crying the only thing that stops him so far is the boob. Or a bottle, but a boob works much better. Aren't men all the same?! Also, he's pretty quiet on walks so I've been taking him daily and going as far as I can.

Today the heavens opened up and a device so wonderful that it was definitely hand crafted by God himself arrived at our house. It's called a swing. I got a swing that goes with my car seat and while I like has never been enough to settle Leyton or keep him sleeping. Our friends Tom and Kellie came by and said they had a swing we could borrow. It's seriously the best thing ever. Leyton has been asleep in it for an hour now. I positioned it by the window because he likes looking outside and oh is he ever so content in the swing. I could kiss Tom and Kellie.

If you are pregnant...get yourself a NICE swing! It will be the answer to all your prayers.

1 comment:

JaymiPop said...

Oh tiny Leyton! He is sooo cute!

I agree about the swings. Seriously.


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