Sunday, May 30, 2010


Leyton is a big crier. This may be totally normal, but I haven't been around babies too much so it's hard for me to tell. He has days where he eats and falls asleep and stays pretty quiet. Then there are days where all he wants to do is cry, or suck on a boob. He's an eating champion and while I know that every cry doesn't mean he wants to eat I can tell you that most of the time that is exactly what it means. There are a few things that can get Leyton to stop crying in an instant. The boob is the first one. Any loud equipment helps a ton. This would include a lawn mower, a blower, an edger, a vacuum. All things you would think would wake him up and yet make him go instantly silent. I can't tell you how vacuumed our floor is going to be by his teen years!

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JaymiPop said...

Awww! Audrey used to cry alot too as a newborn (up until about 6 months old - ugh good luck) and I found that bouncing helped. We even bought one of those exercise balls and would sit on it for hours holding her and bouncing.


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