Monday, May 03, 2010

As you can tell.....

no baby came this weekend! All of the symptoms that I had last week have disappeared, except for the need to do stuff...that is still very present. I did manage to get alot done on the to do list so I'm feeling better about that. I'm also working from home starting this week and I can't tell you how thankful my feet are. I also can't tell you how happy my dog is, he literally ran laps around the dining room table while I sat at the desk. It's nice to feel loved!

As you can tell the belly is bigger and it definitely has dropped. It's now hanging over pants quite a bit vs just sticking straight out. My wrists and feet are really hoping that it happens this week so please say your prayers for me.


Amanda @ My Everyday said...

I was 39 weeks on Friday and I'm so ready to have a baby!!

Hope you get a baby this week!!

Nora said...

Prayers going out!!! My middle child turned 23 today. He was due on April 23rd..............I feel a Cinco de Mayo baby for you.


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