Friday, April 16, 2010

We have a garden!

We decided this year to still put a little garden in our backyard, but wanted to keep it pretty low maintenance. A friend of the hubby's started a bunch of plants and gave us a TON of tomato plants. So it looks like this year we are doing a tomato garden! Since I knew this would mean salsa, I also bought a little pepper plant to put in a pot. Guess I better start finding some good recipes for tomatoes!


Linnie or LuLu said...

I can make salsa when I get there and we will be eating the wonderful Mexican dishes that I cant get in is is Cuban and not the same...

Linnie or LuLu said...

Look for great
Chicken Catetori Recipes and you will have it knocked. Uses lots of tomatoe, but you need a herb garden too.

Roya said...

I say add some basil around those 'maters! You can make pesto and caprese salad. Also, a butternut squash and zucchini plant will be very helpful when it comes to babyfood making in a few months. The zucchini you can puree as it ripens and freeze and the butternut squash lasts for months once it is ripe.

I'll give you lots more recipes when you are ready:)


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