Friday, April 30, 2010

To Do....

I've been feeling weird the past couple days. I can't explain everything, but what I can tell you is things are happening. I had contractions last night that sent me to the shower. While it did make them go away, it also opened my eyes to the fact that this baby is coming. It's now coming sooner than later. I'm fine with that, I feel ready but I also feel like there is a ton I want to do right now. Maybe this is what nesting is, I'm not really sure.

1. Get a mani/pedi. I have an appointment on Saturday morning!
2. Move my office home and get it organized, some of this is happening today.
3. Wash the bedding in our bedroom and move the bassinet in.
4. Put batteries in all the kiddo goodies that need batteries.
5. Get a hair trim, it's in serious need.
6. Find some comfortable shoes that are not flip flops. Seriously considering some cute Crocs.
7. Buy the tubing for my breast pump.
8. Figure out how to use said breast pump.
9. See as many friends as I can.
10. Spend some quality time with the hubs.
11. Install car seats...yes that has not happened yet. We'll be walking the baby home if it comes soon.
12. Get the other car smogged.
13. Pay both of the vehicle registrations. Why did we buy the cars the same month?

Man, that is too much to do. Why does it feel like it's going to end up looking more like this?


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OMIGOSH! Well, this could be the week, best wishes Stacy!!!!

Katie R. said...

Hold that BOY in til Sunday! That's my day. Good luck!

Pink Petunia Designs said...

Nesting is here. Baby is coming soon then. I was mopping my floors while I was in labor with my oldest. My husband came home and said, "What are you doing, we are going to the hospital?" I told him, "Not until I finish getting these floors clean!" I had to do it. It wasn't an option. LOL.

foolery said...

Just checking in to see how things are progressing for you, Stacey. Have you considered a lactation specialist? I highly recommend it if you have ANY difficulties. Best thing I did for myself.

Nest away!

Duffy said...

I'm behind in reading this, so you may have these things done by now. However, do yourself a favor and have Hubby take care of 3,4,7,11,12 & 13 That's more than half the list. Believe me, you'll be putting in more than your fair share matter how good of a dad, or how hard he tries. It's just fact! Use that DH as much as you can girl!


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