Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pool Time!

This weekend the entire Ball family was in town for my father in law Bob's 80th birthday! It was such a fun gathering and has been years since every single family member was together in one place. Of course, I had to get some kid time in so I took my niece and nephew to the pool with me so they could swim. Living in Washington they don't get alot of pool time and thankfully the weather was in the 80's. The kids started just paddling around and then decided it was time for diving boards. The started on the small one and after a while Andrea got brave enough to go off the high dive. Of course, this meant Hayden had to do it too. While I find the high dive scary, I have to say it was fun watching them go off.


melissa kaye said...

Looks like fun! I wish I was hanging out by the pool this afternoon instead of indoors studying. :)

Hope you're doing well, Stacey!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh gosh, Cali looks so warm :)


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