Monday, April 19, 2010

Life's little secrets.

As a woman going through her first pregnancy there are things that I have learned that happen during pregnancy that no one ever talks or tells you about. I'm not sure if it's so you don't freak out and decide that you never want to bear children or if after having them you kind of forget all the stuff that came before. All along this journey I have had little surprises and I'm sure there are a ton more to come even with just a couple weeks left. I had no idea that morning sickness could translate into 24 hour-16 week sickness. I figured you woke up, puked and got about your day. I had no idea how stupid being pregnant can make you at times. Did I ever tell you about the time I couldn't figure out how to divide a number in half? In half?! Sheepishly finding myself asking the hubby if I wanted to know what half of this number I divide it by .5? Yes, that really happened my friends and there are more of those stories. Developing pregnancy carpal tunnel and having the feeling that my wrists are broken most days. Only to find out that it affects 1 in 4 women! That's a ton of women out there not talking about how badly their wrists hurt. Maybe that just means I'm the big complainer! Now I have the ultimate I going to know when labor begins? I mean, if I believe everything I've ever seen on tv then it should just happen when my water breaks. Only the water rarely breaks and most of the time gets broken for you.

As the pregnancy has progressed there is one other side effect that has developed...the snoring. The snoring that apparently sounds like a freight train. The snoring coupled with the getting up every two hours to pee that makes your hubby find safe sleeping in another part of the house. The snoring that I can't hear and have no idea that I'm doing except for the fact that I wake up feeling as if my tonsils are stuck somewhere in my nasal passage. I'm starting to realize that I can't wait to be snore, swollen and pain free for a while.


ben said...

Dude the snoring and the moaning kicked me out of bed for the last 4 weeks.(prior to birth) I understand how mom's sleeplessness prepares her for the post-partem sleepless nights, but is it possible that the snoring, moaning and thrashing, causing dad's sleepless nights prepares HIM for post-partem help?

I went with, "If you need me, I'm down the hall." Her snoring tapered off within a week after the birth. Now we are sleeping(yeah right) happily next to each other again. Grunting and thrashing duties have been assumed by the little one.

Good luck Stacey! Remember there is no shame in the epidural. I'll say this: For the birthing process to be so miraculous and sacred there sure are some snobby opinions of how it "should be done". You don't have to have a Tub Birth at home with homeopathic tinctures and a Shaman. Aside from the importance of breast feeding, modern medicine has got the rest covered.


ben said...

Oh yeah, one comment about the carpel tunnel... My sis-in-law is preggo right now, and has it BAD. Her profession: Massage Therapist...

Ever see that Friends episode where Ross takes one of Phoebe's clients(fat hairy guy) and he ends up using wooden spoons?

Anonymous said...

Haha, I snored too. Tom would wake me up to tell me I was snoring and I'd be like "now you know what it feels like to be TRYING to sleep next to a person snoring.".

Oh, and my water didn't break either. I just woke up in the middle of the night with this intense pain....and when the pain started increased at 5 min intervals, I just knew!

Can't exicted for you!!!


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