Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's Bath Time!

I've had a strong desire as of late to submerge myself in water. The thought of getting into a swimming pool is almost orgasmic. I think it just is the desire to feel weightless, to not feel like I'm carrying around a heavy globe. Last night I thought I'd try to take a bath and see how that felt. Plus it seemed like perhaps a more comfortable way to shave my legs. Wanna know how it felt? Very much like this...I guess I should be honest is saying that I stopped fitting in standard tubs at about the age 13 when I reached my height of 5'10". I'm just too long. So if I want my legs covered then I'm out of the water from my belly button up, if I want my upper torso covered...well then there are my knees and legs sticking out of the water. Throw in a gigantic belly and the outcome is slightly hilarious. I filled the tub sitting up and once the tub was filled I was right at belly button level in water. Then I decided to slide in and lie back. Ha! The water displacement that occurred was a sight to be seen. Not only were my knees and legs sticking out, but also my globe belly and other globe items which we don't have to talk about here. I quickly realized that this was not going to work. When I sat up the amount of water that had gone down the overflow drain left me with water just barely covering my legs. Add to that the fact that you are only supposed to have the water at 100 degrees and the conclusion can be made that in movies, when you see pregnant women looking so adorable in the warm bathtub it can all be chalked up to GREAT ACTING!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

is it time for a tub that could fit a family of four? :)

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