Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Good Stuff

I know that for the most part I've been all waaah, this sucks, waaah my feet are swollen, waaah I don't feel well. Sometimes in life it's hard to focus on what is good in a situation and instead to bitch and moan about what sucks. So, I figured I'd take some time to focus on the good. It only took me almost 38 weeks to do so, but you should know there are great things about being pregnant.

1. People/strangers are nicer to you. We live in a world of electronics and for the most part people are so focused on their phone they forget to notice each other. I see this all the time in the elevator at work and have talked about it. When you are pregnant, people notice. People smile at you more, talk to you more. People aren't afraid to say hello. It's really a nice thing.

2. Nails! I have the WORST nails in the world. I keep them trimmed very short because they are so thin and they peel so it's never worth trying to have them long. Now, I have nails. They are all even and they are gorgeous. I actually had my first manicure in probably 5 years and now I'm just in awe at how good they look.

3. Hair. It's long, it's luxurious, it doesn't fall out and it's growing like a weed!

4. Back rubs. I read so much about how people are constantly touching your stomach when you are pregnant. For the most part people complained about this. I on the other hand looked forward to it. Only, it didn't happen. Instead what I get are back rubs. Not from strangers, that might be creepy. In most social settings though someone will come up and start rubbing my back. On another note, whenever I need a back rub the hubby is happy to oblige!

5. No one thinks you are weird when you want to stop for a Slurpee on the way home from work.

6. My body. OK, so it's a bit uncomfortable now and things are looking puffier, but I really think that through most of the pregnancy I have felt great in my body and not a big self conscious. As a bigger girl it's a time when I didn't have to worry if my stomach was sticking out. If the shirt is tight, it's just more belly to see! I walk around the house in non pregnancy shirts and sweats with the hint of belly sticking out the bottom all the time. The hubby calls it my "Homer Simpson" look and you know what...I love it!

Finally, I really just cannot say how much I look forward to being a mom. The hubby and I met almost 12 years ago. While it took us 9 years of dating and co-habitating to get married...I knew right away that this was who I wanted by babies daddy to be. I mean, I knew I wanted to marry him too, but that just wasn't as important to me which is probably why I was fine with the 9 year lapse. All I really cared about was that I wanted a child with this man. I wanted a child that was a part of his family (yes I'm talking about you Ball clan.) It is the most spell bounding and wonderful thing to know that inside of me right now is the product of us. No matter what has happened during this pregnancy, that is what makes it all perfect.

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