Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another score!

This weekend I went with my friend Amy to a baby rummage sale at her church. There were two things on my wish list: a vibrating chair and a high chair. They weren't anything I was in dire need of. I will obviously need a high chair, but not right away....the vibrating chair was just more of a nice to have item. Oh man I am sooo glad I went to the sale. Everything was soooo super cheap. Not only did I get this great Fisher Price vibrating seat for $5!!! I also got the most adorable rocking horse...only it's a rocking caterpillar...for $6!! Add to that a great little two drawer dresser for $10, a Le Creuset teapot for $2, four books for $1.75, a great Cat in the Hat wooden puzzle for $1 and a brand new with tags fleece jumper (price tag of $61) for a small $2 and I'd say the sale was an all around success!


amy said...

I'm famous! ;)

Vicki said...

That calerpillar rocker is adorable. Your scored BIG TIME!

Duffy said...

Kate had that exact vibrating bouncer!!!!! It's awesome, you'll love it.


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