Sunday, April 11, 2010


With two showers under my belt it is official that there is no way to unwrap presents and not oooh and ahhh. Baby stuff is just down right adorable! I got some amazing amazing gifts, but I have to show you two that definitely got me oooh'ing! Seriously? Baby Vans! Even the hubby was excited about these when I got them home. How come baby shoes are just so stinking cute?

I also received this gorgeous handmade blanket from my friend Roseanne. It is perfect colors for the room and saves me from finishing my blanket. I have learned that knitting and pregnancy brain don't mix because counting is just plain hard. So, now I can use this blanket instead and knit mine up later. You know, when the pregnancy brain is gone and I have a baby and a whole lot of time on my hands.

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Krista Stiver said...

Aw! So glad the Vans are a hit! Gotta' give our teenager the credit.Sami had the "cool" idea. And, just think how much the cuteness factor is going to multiply when they're on sweet baby Ball's feet! Can't wait for that picture to post. Love, The Stivers


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