Thursday, April 22, 2010

38 Weeks

It is definitely entering the stage where it is seeming like a long space from week to week. It does go fast in whole, but I seriously have to take it day by day at this point. The baby is roughly the length of a leek. We'll know more next Monday how big they think the baby actually is.

How far along: 38 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I went up three pounds since the last weigh in. So a total of 14 I think? I'm not really too concerned by the weight at this point...unless I suddenly shoot up another 10 in the next two weeks!

Stretch marks: No more, but my belly button is verrrry shallow and you can see alot of veins through my skin.

Sleep: Not so fun. Stuff hurts again and can't stay in one position too long. Toss and turn, get up to pee, snore like a bear.

Movement: Still alot of it. That's definitely a good thing, but can definitely be an uncomfortable thing.

Food cravings: Nothing in particular. I'm really disappointed that I didn't want to plunge a pickle into some ice fact I didn't like pickles much at all.

Frustrations: Oh gosh there are too many to list really and since I'm trying to be positive we'll just say that this late in the game...things can be a bit frustrating.

What I miss: Being self sufficient. It's hard to have to ask people for help all the time to carry things, lift things, move things, etc. etc.

Weekly Wisdom: Water is both a blessing and a curse.

Milestones: Teaching a water aerobics class and feeling like a million bucks!

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