Thursday, April 15, 2010

37 Weeks!

I'm term. Yep, you read that correctly. Although there are three weeks left till my due date I am now considered full term and the baby can "come at any time" as it says online. I'd have to say that at this point, I'm ready. I wouldn't mind having extra time but I'm definitely starting to feel the weight of the situation! The entries for my guess the babies sex and birth date contest have ended and I must share that there were 14 total entries with 3 girl guesses and 11 boy guesses. Most guessed that I would deliver early, although I think for some of the family members it was wishful thinking since they will all be in town next week! The first date is the 17th...this Saturday! Most guessed sometime in the last week of April.

The baby is roughly over 6lbs and 19" long, although I do go for an ultrasound on Monday for a better weight estimate than what they are giving online. This makes the baby about the length of swiss chard. If you were worried that we were out of the melon category, stay tuned, the watermelon is just around the corner.

How far along: 37 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Would you believe I forgot to ask at my last appointment?! She didn't bring it up either so I'm going to guess it was pretty more than another pound.

Stretch marks: I did a belly shot for you, sorry for the terrible picture quality. You can actually see my two little stretch marks in the 37 week shot...they are just slightly below the babies hair.

Sleep: I wish I could get some during the day.

Movement: Painful. For the most part the movement is very uncomfortable now. The baby is confirmed to be head down and has its feet located in my left rib cage. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking body shots in a ring...only from the inside. It can be brutal and I find myself "ouching" out loud many times a day.

Food cravings: No cravings. Hungry, but to be honest I can't eat alot at one time. I'm also a bit morning sick again. I'm hungry when I get up but after I eat I don't feel great. Luckily this doesn't last long.

Frustrations: Feeling like hell in the mornings. It's making getting ready for work a real challenge.

What I miss: Not feeling huge.

Weekly Wisdom: Nap whenever you can.

Milestones: Washing all the babies stuff and really being ready! Also did my maternity photos which I will share with you pretty soon.

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