Thursday, April 08, 2010

36 Weeks!

One more week and I'm considered FULL TERM! I know I say this each post and sound like a broken record but how did it go so fast? There were times that it seemed like it would take forever and then suddenly it's almost over. The baby is roughly 6lbs this week, about the weight of a crenshaw melon and boy let me tell you it definitely feels like there is a large melon in there. I'll take a pic next week cause I'm pretty sure we're going to see a difference.

How far along: 36 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 11lbs, go to the doctor tomorrow so weight update next week.

Stretch marks: The same, but my belly button is slowly disappearing. Still not flat but if it gets much bigger it will be.

Sleep: Just depends on the night. Getting harder again, sore hips, sore wrists. Peeing every 2 hours on average.

Movement: Still lots of it, but have you ever gone on Youtube and searched "baby moving in belly." Oh heavens. It will either make you smile or make you run screaming from your computer. I'm actually happy to say that my baby doesn't move ANYTHING like some of these videos I have seen. It's amazing to watch but I can only imagine how uncomfortable some of that must be.

Food cravings: Eating is harder. Can't eat too much and if I do...ick. Just isn't the same amount of room in there anymore. Still like the same things though, no new cravings.

Frustrations: I'm going back to the wrists. They are getting terrible. I sleep in braces every night and my dexterity is getting really sloppy now. Hard time gripping things and my hand writing sucks. If you get a thank you card and it says nothing inside but a sloppy version of my signature you know why.

What I miss: Feeling motivated.

Weekly Wisdom: I'm gonna go totally cliche here and just go with take it a day at a time!

Milestones: Looks like I'm teaching water aerobics again this summer...and it starts in a week! Better make sure that maternity swim suit I have is going to be sufficient! I seriously can't wait to get in the water even if I look like a beached whale.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Omigosh! Getting SO close...

Carol Browne said...

Hang in there! You poor thing. But not much longer now and there'll be a screaming baby waking you up every 3 hours to eat! YAY!

I know! I'm just here to make you feel better.


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