Monday, March 29, 2010

What's in a name?

Well, I have decided to go ahead and tell the world the babies name. I was hesitant at first because I really didn't want the negative feedback. Then I decided, screw it. If you don't like the name then you should be happy it isn't yours! Of course, I can't tell you the name without telling you the process. That would be cheating.

The hubby and I have been together over 11.5 years. Sometime back in date number 2 I knew I would be having this man's child. So I did what any other normal 20-something would do....I started writing down names that I liked. I also started writing down names that he liked. We'd watch a show and he'd say "I like that name." I would then write it down. He had no idea I was doing this. At this 20 something age it just wasn't something that you share. Once I got pregnant though I whipped out the book and we started going through the list. Some of the names were funny. Definitely had alot of "what the heck was I thinking" moments as we crossed names off the list.

Once we had the list narrowed down we started talking family names. We both pretty much decided right away that we'd use family names for the babies middle name. After writing down grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc we finally had middle names selected. We'd go with Maxwell if it was a boy, after my Grandpa Keith whose middle name was Maxwell. We'd go with Elsie for a girl after Bill's Grandma Elsie. It was easy! We liked the traditional quality of the names and the very strong masculine vs feminine characteristics which was going to be important when pairing with the first name.

I got a crazy hair brain idea that if we weren't going to find out the sex of the baby I wanted to just pick one name. A name that could be for a boy or a girl. As we looked at our list we realized that it could work. We then had some time to stew on it and during that time added other names to the list that we would hear on tv, see in movie credits or read in a book or magazine. Finally we took out the list and got to business. I handed the hubby the list and said cross out all that you don't like, leave only the ones you really like. I knew that he might cross off some that I really liked, but I just never felt it was worth it to get in some sort of name debate. I felt like we both should really like the name. When he was done, I grabbed the list and did the same. After that, we only had two left. We put them both with the middle and last name and knew we had a winner. In fact, I can't even tell you what the other name was that we didn't pick so that is a good sign!

So here you have it, if you are still awake. The name of our love child.

Leyton Maxwell Ball or Leighton Elsie Ball

Pronounced "Lay-ton." A perfect combination of unique and traditional.


Jamie said...

I love them both so much!!! I love how the names came to be as well! Great picks!!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...


Carol Browne said...

I love those names. But if it's a girl, can you just change the middle name to Lucille? PLEASE???

Leighton Lucille Ball. I think it's catchy. Heh.

*Please note: I would never actually ask you to change the baby's name. I'm just joshing.*

Anonymous said...

The names really look awesome typed out like that - meant to be.

ben said...

Oh I love them. Kudos on breavely exposing the names. They are original and don't rhyme with any genitalia! I should remark that the word verification I have to type in to post this comment is "andoodi"--good example of a poor name choice.

ben said...

I just checked the popularity rating of Layton as a boy's name and the last year measured, 2008, it was ranked #777. There's some luck in that name. Leighton as a girl was like 1700. ORIGINAL!

Anonymous said...

Stacy, I'm a little biased, Kim probably also, as Leytem's we have often had our last names pronounced and/or written layten, layton, etc. Hey what about Layton Leytem? Love the name, very original and I like the idea of family names for middle names. Thanks for sharing the process and name. Dawn LEYTEM, Kim LEYTEM's aunt


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