Saturday, March 20, 2010

IndieSac Success!

What a successfully grand day it was at the California Museum! The doors opened at 10am to a line waiting outside and the vendors packed up at 3pm to a bunch of people still shopping! A consistent crowd, and reportedly good sales for all. We are so thankful to the museum and all our wonderful vendors and followers for coming out and supporting. I'm also super thankful to Amy, my cohort for helping with another great show!!

I didn't vend this event and decided instead to just help the vendors whenever I could and pass out information/answer questions about IndieSac. This pregnant momma was WORN OUT by the end of it and even Amy snapped a photo of me where I look as if I'm about to lay down at my booth for a nap!

1 comment:

Rain said...

Thanks Stacey! It was a great show!!!


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